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Review of "All Together Now"
by Anita Jeram

paket rafting sungai cisadaneCandlewick Press, January 2005
Paperback, 40 pages
ISBN: 0763626902
Recommended Ages: Baby - Preschool

Review by Sherri Allen:

Anita Jeram's "All Together Now" tells the story of the Honeys and how they became a family. The story starts with Mommy Rabbit leading her children in singing their family song. The children all have their own special parts to sing, because each child is different. You see, the "children" are Bunny, Little Duckling and Miss Mouse. Bunny was Mommy Rabbit's first child. One day, Little Duckling hatched from his egg, followed Bunny home and became the second child in the Honey family. Later, Bunny and Little Duckling found Miss Mouse all alone and Mommy Rabbit quickly welcomed her into the family, too.

The bond between all the members of the Honey family is reflected in Jeram's watercolor illustrations. You see them singing together, playing together and sharing loving moments. You see the tenderness and affection Mommy Rabbit feels for each of her little Honeys.

"All Together Now" is a sweet tribute to adopted children and their families. All the little Honeys have their own special qualities, which they celebrate in their family song. All the little Honeys have their own strengths, which they celebrate in their special family games. All the little Honeys look different, but know "Mommy Rabbit's still my mommy just the same."

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